LP Finance Development Report (Week II)

LP Finance
2 min readDec 7, 2022


LP Finance’s second week development report is here. In this article, details on development schedules and strategies after launching service would be explained.

zSOL Development Status

LP Finance core developers focused on improving the codebase based on the proposed updates in the last article. Currently liquidation program is in development which would allow anyone to participate and earn fees.

At the time of writing, additional 2 weeks are estimated for the program to be ready to go to production. However, there could be changes in the schedules as we continue testing.

zSOL Beta Application

Once zSOL is ready for public, LP Finance would hold a beta phase for 4 weeks. During this period, LP Finance will provide limited liquidity on Lifinity to prevent huge liquidity to flow in.

Users can do any transactions without limits and submit feedbacks or error reports. Based on the user experience and errors found, LP Finance team would continuously maintain and upgrade the program to be ready for alpha phase.

Prior to opening beta phase, user’s guide to zSOL would be uploaded on LP Finance Youtube channel.

LPFi Staking Reward Transition

Users might’ve noticed that LPFi reward has been turned off on. As explained in the last article, LPFi emission would be only available on xLPFi staking pool.

xLPFi staking pool would be deployed in coming days as well as governance, so stay tuned.

Liquidity Mining

Liquidity mining using LPFi was planned to attract liquidity providers to help zSOL scale initially. However, core team decided to eliminate all LPFi emissions (except xLPFi staking) after launch and merge to strategic allocation. If a protocol has to spend its token to attract users, it would not be sustainable.

Strategic allocation would not only be used for further funding rounds but also token exchange program. Alternative to LPFi liquidity mining, LPFi would be used to purchase MNDE (Marinade Finance) or SBR (Saber) which has been integrated with liquidity gauges.

Token exchange program would be in a simillar form to Penguin Finance bonding, where users can swap tokens to LPFi at a discount but vested for a certain period.


LP Finance team believes this is the best timing to launch a new protocol. Build in the bear and earn in the bull.

Team would be publishing updates transparently and feel free to ask anything on our socials!